Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Olympus TG5

Olympus has anounced a new camera that is tough as nails- Almost ...the new Olympus TG5 anounced today , brings a 12MP BSI sensor and a 25-100mm equvalent lens in a body that can survive freezing weather upto -10c , waterproof upto 15m , drop resistant up to 2.1meters and crushproof  upto 100kg of  pressure .

The new camera , called the TG5 is equipped with a 12Mp BSI sensor with the ability to shoot 20fps RAW and recording in 4K in a full pixel readout adnd 120fps recording in 1080p . The non removable lens - which gives a  a 35mm equvalent in the form of a 25-100mm and f2 aperture .

The camera is priced at $450 and will be available soon .

Via - bhphoto

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