Monday, July 3, 2017

Fotodiox DLX Stretch

Fotodiox has build up a solid reputation for producing cost -effective lens adapters for cameras . The company , in an attempt to lessen the burden of swapping multiple ND's when you change your vintage lenses around  has announced a new adapter which accepts pop in ND's and some slight bellowing when you want some slight macro effect -Say hello to the DLX Stretch by Fotodiox .

Designed to accept Fotodiox mini -ND filters , the new adapter basically has a small mounting platform to which you can pop and place in a ND 4 , ND 8 or ND16 filter and not worry about buying different size filters for every lens you got ., this kind of works like those lenses with gel slots at the back ,and so if you want to change your ND , you will have to remove the magnetically mounted lens in order to access the filter which sits at the end of the adapter .

And now for the macro part , first of all ,this helicoid is mostly for zoom in macro style shots by twisting the ring at the base of the adapter , this however requires the focus peaking feature as everything in this lens is manual and therefore aperture/iris , zoom and focusing should be done manually .
Fotodiox DLX Kit - petapixel

While this may not appeal to professional shooters who use OEM lenses and expensive ND filters for perfect magazine class shots , the whole package is actually aimed at novice Mirrorless camera shooters who might prefer to use older lenses , but are not in a position to buy ND filters in 3 stops for every single lens they own . Therefore the pricing at $129 is a good bargain (you get a adapter feature , ND filter options and the helicoil feature )  for what you pay for.The Fotodiox DLX stretch is available for Micro 4/3 ,Sony E and Fuji X

Canon EF
Canon FD
Leica R
Minolta MD
Nikon F
Olympus Zuiko OM
Pentax K

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

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purchase link(Amazon) - DLXstretch

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