Monday, June 17, 2013

6" 2560x1600 displays will be the next step for Android Smartphone displays

The global mobile market is expected to be ushered into a 500 ppi (pixels per inch) era next year. The display industry, which sported 5-inch full-HD displays this year, is expected to bring about another innovation in picture quality.

According to industry insiders, Korean and Japanese display makers are currently working on the development of LTPS (Low Temperature Poly Silicon), WQXGA (2560x1600) mobile LCD panels. This year, 5-inch full-HD displays with 440ppi have been the best specs. Next year, 6-inch, WQXGA 500ppi displays are likely to be released.

LG Display has opted for AH-IPS (Advanced high performance-In plane switching) so as to manufacture panels with over 500 ppi.

Japan Display (JDI) and Sharp are also taking pains to develop 500 ppi mobile displays, an improvement on full-HD displays, as Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are contemplating the adoption of Japanese panels in order to diversify their supply lines.

The industry which evolved from 720p displays to 1080p resolution pannels in less than a year  are now faced with even more demand for higher resolution -large screen phones which will eventually narrow the gap between smartphones and small tablets ,but in return the devices may have poorer battery life and pocket-portability problems

(MasHD , ET-News)

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