Sunday, June 23, 2013

iPhone Budget ? will the real deal look like this render

Two days ago, some schematics showed up that appeared to reveal the general design and dimensions of both the upcoming iPhone 5S and the rumored lower-cost iPhone. While we haven’t been too concerned with the look of the iPhone 5S, since it’s likely to just mirror the 5, this budget iPhone has been a much more intriguing prospect. There have been rumors going back months which attempted to describe its construction, and this week’s contribution sure seemed to line up nicely with some of those. On the chance that this really is how the phone will arrive, an unofficial 3D render has been created with the data from that schematic, possibly giving us our first look.

Again, this is all very unofficial – these are not Apple-sourced images. But what they lack in official provenance they make up for by helping to whet our appetites just a bit for this rumored hardware. We’re definitely getting a retro vibe here, as certain elements remind us of the iPhone 3G(S), not to mention the iPod – but that should hardly be surprising, as this plastic look has been the focus of budget iPhone rumors all along.

Lately, we’ve been getting the sense that this hardware could launch with a price tag in the mid-$400 range, which spells free-on-contract in markets where subsidies rule.

via Pocketnow 

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