Wednesday, March 26, 2014

MasHD Autonews - Alfa Romeo Giulia to replace 159 ,new models may be on their way

Alfa Romeo's have always been treated as automotive art,The upcoming Alfa Romeo
Giulia is a good example of that design brilliance . The pretty looking car is said to be the successor
to the 159 and it is said to launch alongside Alfa Romeo's first SUV called the Giulietta Cross.Information about the two vehicles are not very clear , but the Giulia is said to have a 237Bhp engine from the Giulietta series.Although Alfa's revival was a bit slow , but the company has regained some notoriety after the launch of the Alfa 4C,but still the company
is still a bit slow to launch new vehicles , so we can expect these two cars to be available sometime in the near future .

Source - Autocar

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