Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Android Silver project rumored to replace Nexus devices in 2015

Many websites and insiders like Eldar Murtazin  have been  echoing leaks about the end of the Nexus lineup for many months now ,  as you know , the Nexus lineup was originally conceived as a low cost option for  Android developers and consumers alike . first nexus devices were mostly oriented for the technology geeks , but later versions like the Nexus 5 started to become mass-market vehicles as android started getting more refined and polished than previous versions . With competition  from phones like the OnePlus One and other flagship smartphones ,the nexus lineup if facing fierce competition , to combat the growing problem , Google is said to work on a new lineup called Android Silver which will replace the  Nexus lineup as a feature rich option that will
have unique software additions that will not be present in non-silver Android smartphones.
The smartphones will be made by OEM's like LG and Motorola , but Samsung ,Sony and HTC will also likely join the show , network carriers from the U.S ,Europe and Asia are also said to join the Silver project , the phones are said to sell globally in previously untapped mobile markets
such as India and Brazil ,The silver lineup will include tablets as well , and it will hopefully
increase interest in the development of tablet specific apps for Android . The Silver project is
rumored to start in 2015 along with other Google projects like Android wear(smartwatches) and the
Google ARA (modular phones) .


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