Thursday, April 10, 2014

MasHD Autonews - Marussia Motors gets the dirt nap , F1 team lives on

If you haven't heard about Marussia Motors before , you can be excused , The Russian sports car
manufacturer founded by Nikolai Fomenko has made some effort to gain some publicity through their Formula 1 team but due to lack of sales and a firm market grip , the employees have left their posts to find employment at a government run -technical institute . Marussia motors produced their first sports car the Marussia B1 in 2010 and later produced the limited production Marussia B2 which is the last model to come out of the Russian manufacturer . The manufacturer had plans for a SUV called F2 and a hardcore version of the B2 , but now those concepts have met their end .The Marussia F1 team has not gone underground however and is still active , now owned by Marussia communications Ireland , the company formally ended its links with the auto manufacturer and so the Ferrari powered team and still lives on.
L- Marussia B2 , R- Marussia B1 

Source - Autoblog

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