Thursday, April 17, 2014

MasHD Autonews - Russia's driverless ghost-car spooks the automotive world

Russia is a hot spot for motoring related accidents , with sudden acts of road-rage , fistfights and frontal collisions, driving around ,even in a urban environment can be quite a challenge , but now , Russia has come back into the motoring limelight thanks to this spooky video from Russia .

The video shows a BMW turning left at a intersection , the dash-cam video is recorded by another driver behind the BM ,as both cars turn , the BM hits the brakes very hard ,and right then , another car appeared right in front of the BM ,missing the BM by inches to spare , the spooky-ness of the video was further enhanced thanks to a set of headlights from another vehicle on the opposite end showing a driverless- empty car moving across the road . The video is currently a major hit all around the interwebs , and no one was able to explain what happened just yet , so what do you think ?


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