Wednesday, April 2, 2014

MasHD Autonews - Tesla Model S is vulnerable to internet hacking

As we step into the technocratic future , the influx of technology is virtually unavoidable , but the auto industry was immune for some time but now with the introduction of battery and hybrid technologies and clever automation , that gap is slowly diminishing and most modern cars are now full of computers . But with all these new gizmos and gadgets , there is always a hidden danger , this danger sadly is not something like a loose cable or a flat tire , but instead it is completely out of the drivers reach ,and as technology goes forward , the amount of people using it for negative purposes also increase , making a simple task like driving even more scarier .
Via - Computerworld

The latest revelation comes from a Tesla Model S owner named Nitesh Dhanjani,who by the way is a computer security consultant attending Black Hat Asia security conference in Singapore .Using the internet and a free internet account hacking software , he was able to hack into the Tesla's onboard computers and basically unlock its all its doors .while this does not sound scary as starting the car automatically or disabling the braking system , the door unlocking hack is still enough to cause a lot of concern . The newly discovered exploit however shows the weakness in the 6 character password system where a single password controls the cars functions and gives access to the owners personal Tesla account . The car's smartphone app will allow the would be hacker to basically control the cars door locks via phone , but it doesn't allow the user to start the car ,unless the electronic key is available ,but still it will leave everything inside at mercy of the hacker/robber who can still make a some good money by selling off your iPad or Rolex . The good news for now is that most robbers are still not developed enough to hack electronically ,and they will still use a brick to smash your window open , but as time goes on ,most cars will be just just like our smartphones and perps will also have a higher understanding of how things work , so by that time they will definetly have a app for that

Source - Autoblog , Slashgear ,computerworld

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