Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Microsoft -Nokia deal to be complete on the 25th of April , Nokia name replaced by Microsoft Mobile

image via - VRzone
Wedding bells are set to ring on the 25th o April as Microsoft and Nokia unite
in techno-matrimony . The move by Microsoft to acquire the Nokia devices and services
was planned for a very long time , but the average customer didn't realize any difference
in the Nokia brand name . But now , the final move is set to rename the once iconic phone
manufacturer from Nokia Corporation to Microsoft Mobile OY which means that the household name will cease to exist as "Nokia" from the 25th .The move will give Microsoft access to both the smartphoneand featurephone divisions and factories of Nokia and its forums and official website . The Nokiabrandname is expected to be replaced by Microsoft Mobile , but the "Lumia" trademark is said to continue even as the company goes to Redmond . As time goes on the Android based Nokia X series and top tier ASHA phones will eventually get replaced by cheaper Windows Phone alternatives .

Sources - TechCrunch ,Nokia , GMA ,Mashable

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