Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Nokia Q1 figures show 30% drop in sales before Microsoft acquisition , new ceo for Microsoft Mobile

Nokia was not at its best when the company was sold off to Microsoft ,the once great smartphone company lost huge chunks of its mobile empire and this eventually lead to its downfall .Five days ago, Nokia was sold off to Microsoft who said that further details about Nokia's future and its first quarter financial records will be further explained on the 29th (Last night) of April .As it turns out , the first quarter sales for Nokia , Microsoft Mobile has dropped by 30% mainly due to strong competition by rival platforms like Android and iOs,and the loss of interest on featurephones. Nokia's handset division has total earnings of $2.6Billion  compared to $3.16Billion from the same period last year, first quarter losses are also bad as Nokia lost $424 million compared to the $101 million from Q1 2013 ,However Nokia hopes to make a turn around with its Microsoft integration and new CEO Rajeev Suri .

Source - Dailytech

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