Thursday, April 10, 2014

TrackingPoint AR platform tracks targets , delivers lead in either 5.56 , 308 or 300 BLK

TrackingPoint has introduced their new series 500 AR rifles , the rifle platform is probably one of the all time favorite sporting and law enforcement weapons in the U.S , but in a world full of technology ,the process of target accusation has mostly been conducted manually , but now
Trackingpoint has gone one step further and introduced their latest digital target accusation system which does the job of a range finder , ballistics computer and wifi streamer . The system is calibrated upto 750 yards and it has a 2-12x magnification and a gyroscope for target lock stabilization . The system can track and lock on to targets using its TTX (Tag,track Xact) technology and fire using the guided trigger . The built 802.11 WIFI streamer allows the system to stream video directly from the optics onto a mobile device via the 14.6 MP CMOS sensor . The Trackingpoint Precision guided firearm system is chambered in either 5.56NATO , 7.62 NATO and 300 Blackout , prices start at $9950 for the entry level (we guess it is the 5.56).so judging by the price , the platform is mostlymarketed at Military/law enforcement markets and not the average Joe .

Source - SlashGear

TP AR Networked TrackingScope Specs
Max Target Velocity – 10 mph
Magnification – 2-12x
WIFi – 802.11g
Display – 800×600 LCD
Objective lens – 25mm
Laser Range Finder – 750 yards
Image Sensor – 14.6 Mpixel CMOS
Operating Temperature Range – -20C to 50C
Barrel Reference System Laser – 650 nm
TTX Range – 500 yards
Microphone Sensitivity – Whisper
Battery Type – Li Ion

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