Saturday, May 24, 2014

Android powered Nokia X2 features some minor upgrades , to be based on 4.3 jellybean

For once , we all thought that the Android powered Nokia X platform was going to be scrapped in the future , but as it turns out , Nokia's new owners have decided to keep the platform running by introducing the X2 range in another 6 months time. As you may know , the Nokia X2 codename has been used by Nokia previously on a featurephone called the X2-00, so don't get confused . The Android powered Nokia X2 's specs were leaked in Antutu benchmark which clearly shows some new additions to the budget device including a faster Snapdragon 200 dual core processor , 1GB of RAM and a VGA front facing camera and a 5mp rear camera which were absent in the Nokia X . The display resolution remains the same .The Nokia X 2's software is said to be based on Android 4.3 jellybean which is outdated , but unlike Android 4.4 , the update still allows Apps to be installed to the SD card which is a huge bonus considering that this device will require apps to be installed from 3rd party sources .

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