Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Apple iPhone 6 dummy meets iPhone 5S and iPod touch

With Android devices pushing beyond 5" in their smartphone display size consumers
are slowly dodging tablets in favor of large screen "Phablets",So as phones get bigger,
companies that rely on constancy like Apple have no option but to heed to customer demands
by launching their own large screen smartphones breaking the 4" barrier for good . According to
the latest rumors and mock-ups in the internet . the company is said to launch a 4.7" device that
is said to be made in a unibody design similar to that of the iPad Air/Mini and iPod Touches . The
design might be a hint that Apple is starting to unify their hardware designs to look similar to each otherto avoid prying eyes of industrial copycats . The strange aluminuim shell is flanked by two strips of plastic for the antennas which are similar to the implementation used by HTC in the One M8 . Although the mock-ups might be some clever fake(s) the design does hint that the next iPhone will certainly be unique .

Source - Slashgear

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