Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Apple iPhone 8 , 8 Plus and iPhone X announced

Apple has officially announced the iPhone 8  , the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X today at their special event held in Cupertino , California . The three new smartphones , announced right along side their new Apple TV 4K and the Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular support ,mark a new beginning for Apple as they set out to further refine the 10 year old legacy set by the original iPhone almost 10 years back .

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are basically successors to last year's iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models , the new duo - designed with glass backs and a metal frame , says goodbye to Apple's aluminum unibody construction as the new iPhones feature Qi Wireless charging (Metal backs are not very good for inductive charging ) . The phones , which still feature the same display sizes - 5.5" - iPhone 8 Plus and 4.7 " on the iPhone 8 will not "wow" anyone as they still feature no major resolution bump as well .But as they say , true beauty is found in the inside and the iPhone 8 and 8Plus are no exceptions .Both feature Apple's 64bit Hexa-core  A11 Bionic processor - a 4.5 billion transistor chip capable of pulling off some incredible processing feats and either 64/256GB storage options with 2GB of RAM reserved for the 8 and 3 GB for the 8 Plus

The cameras on the iPhone 8 and 8 plus are said to be further refined from the previous generation , although they share the same 12MP resolution , they now feature better low light capability and thanks to the A11 chip , the new phone can create a 3d depth map and provide a balanced lighting output to portraits shot using the rear camera . Rest of the camera specs include a 1/3" sensor size for the main camera modules (1/3.6" for the telephoto lens equipped one on the 8 plus.)

The iPhone 8 features a 28mm (35mm eqv) lens with a f 2.8 aperture and has OIS . The 8 Plus features a 28mm f 1.8 and a 56mm f 2.8 aperture on its dual camera set up and also has OIS . Both shoot 4K video at 60fps /30fps and 24fps and 1080P @240 fps max

Battery capacity on the new phones are said to be much higher than the previous iPhone 7 with 14 hours of talktime on the 8 and 21 hours on the 8 Plus .Both are IP68 water and dust resistant.

Press Release - Apple/newsroom/iPhone8

iPhone X

Consider this as Apple's greatest hit , the phone , which is said to feature the best of Apple (as it stands as a 10 year anniversary product) was probably the biggest attraction of the show . The phone at first glance looks futuristic with its edge to edge display , although phones like the Essential had this feature from a few months back , the design change does signal that all future phones will feature the display as it offers a better immersive experience .

Speaking of the display , the iPhone X is the first model to feature an Amoled display instead of the traditional IPS ones from day one . The display has a 5.8" real estate and has a resolution of 1125 x 2436 , making this the most high res Apple iPhone to date , you can also find HDR 10 support as well .

The processor and ram options remain the same as the iPhone 8 Plus , therefore the 64/256GB/3GB ram option is present along with the A11 bionic processor

Cameras on the new model are also similar to the iPhone 8 Plus , but the biggest change is in the design as the new model features the dual camera in a vertical orientation with the dual LED's placed between the two camera modules .

The other features such as NFC , Wireless charging are also present , but the iPhone X is the first to feature facial recognition instead of the touch ID physical biometric sensor . The new sensor array , which features an IR dot projector , an infrared camera and a flood illuminator allow the A11 bionic chip to capture and store unique facial features and depth on its localized hardware and provide fast unlocking .The unit , thanks to IR technology allows it to work even in dark areas (an area where other products continue to struggle). While Face ID might be reserved for the iPhone X for now , the feature will eventually flow down to other models in the future .

Battery capacity is said to be similar to the iPhone 8 Plus with both sharing the same 21hour talk time endurance . This model is also said to be IP68 water and dust resistant .

Press Release - Apple/newsroom/iPhoneX

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - Apple press material (linked above)

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