Friday, May 9, 2014

Apple's $3.2 Billion acquisition of Beats audio makes the good doctor rich

via- Engadget
Apple's latest $3.2Billion acquisition of beats has been all over the internet
today , the move by Apple marks a special day for Dr.Dre as he becomes the first
billionaire in hip hop . The Beats brand was previously acquired by HTC for a sum of
$300 million 3 years ago, but after failing to ride the swag//hype , the company dropped
interest and was retaken by the good Dr.Dre .The new move by Apple probably hints at
a rebirth of the iconic iPod brand which was once the cash cow of the California based
company . The $3.2 Billion price for the company gives Dr.Dre something to celebrate about , and
as Actor  Tyrese Gibson puts it " "Oh S*it, the Forbes list just changed.".

Sources - SlashGear ,Engadget

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