Saturday, May 24, 2014

Kairos smartwatch hopes to bring moving parts and technology together

Kairos is not a household name when it comes to watches , but they are trying to turn that around by introducing a hybrid smartwatch that incorporates mechanical movements and a transparent Display which only turns on when a notification appears . smartwatches have always been a bit dull when it comes to designs , most of them are nothing more than small glass squares with some metal accents here and there , but Motorola did have a winner with their Moto 360 , but now it looks like they too can learn something from Kairos . The design is still at concept level - like the Moto 360 and the company expects you to wait until it is official , if it goes as planned ,company hopes to introduce 4 smartwatches with the basic model costing $499 and the top of the range model costing $1199 . The Kairos watch movements sit beneath a transparent OLED display , which is said to be powered by a internal battery that lasts for 5-7 days , the internal processor , battery and other equipment are placed beneath the mechanical parts . at this level , Kairos has not mentioned the operating system on which the display works , but they have assured that it will sync with Android , iOS and Windows Phone devices . The system is said to go into trial production in March and they will have the transparent OLED display when it comes out . The Kairos smartwatch , if it goes well , will surely be a turning point in the evolution of mobile devices as many people who were reluctant to wear a smartwatch over a mechanical one can now do so . But the cost might be a factor to many , so if you are on a budget , the Moto 360 is also said to be ready during the same time for around $299 .

Source - slashgear

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