Saturday, May 24, 2014

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 preview

Microsoft at first hoped that their Surface tablets will woo in many customers who were in the market for high end tablets , but sadly the effort was in vain as large quantities of unsold Surface tablets are still piled up in warehouses , the biggest flaw in Microsoft's policy was the addition of the Windows RT system into the brand name Surface , this move not only confused the average Joe , but also brought in a bad reputation to Microsoft  which now faced a sitiation similar to one they faced during the launch of the Kin . The Surface "Pro" lineup fared better , but the RT failure confused many potential buyers of the Pro to turn away , making the Entire Surface lineup feel like a disaster .but Microsoft , in its policy of "never giving up" decided to give a second shot at the Surface lineup with the Surface 2 and Surface 2 RT , as usual , the RT model was completly ignored by the general public  , the Pro on the other hand was sold better , but their prices were still too high for many to afford and many users compared its specs with rival products and laptops which eventually made the Surface a niche product . But 2 days ago , Microsoft finally understood the importance of excluding the RT platform and introducing a low end product for those who can't afford the $1000 models , say hello to the Surface Pro 3 .

The Surface Pro 3 , like the earlier Surface models share the same rectangular slate design which is quite good when you consider that this is a full blown Laptop. Although the design may look similar , the Pro 3 now has a 3:2 aspect ratio which is much more suited for reading and typing than the widescreen 16:9/16:10 displays found on the earlier models . The Pro 3 is also much lighter and only weighs 800g without the $129 keyboard cover .The windows button has now shifted to the right hand side because users had to move their entire hand to hit the button in the earlier models , the rear side now features a unique kickstand that can rotate to 120 degrees for better typing, speaking of typing , the Keyboard cover has also gone through a nice upgrade and now it can bend upwards to give a better typing position or rest flat like the earlier models , the keyboard has good feedback thanks to the plastic keys that now replace the capacitive ones of the earlier models . 

Powered by Intel's 4th gen Core i3,i5 and i7 processors , the Surface Pro 3 will surely school all other tablets , sadly the onboard RAM is limited to 4 or 8GB  variants and it can't be upgraded , the same can be said about the internal SSD storage which comes in at 64,128,256 and 512 GB but thankfully , you do get a MicroSDHC port for storing non essential personal content , the storage might be a issue as Windows 8.1 does take up quite a lot of storage space of the SSD card leaving you very little storage to install other material to . The 12"tablet display has a resolution of  2160x1440p and can deliver 216ppi which is quite decent considering that the tablet is much larger than its competition . being a portable device , the Surface Pro 3 features a USB 3.0 port , Wifi 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n , Bluetooth 4.0 and 2x2 MiMo antennas and the usual sensor array consisting of a acclerometer , gyroscope, Magnetometer and a ambient light sensor . Two 5mp cameras with  1080p recording caare found in the front and back of the device along with 2 stereo speakers . The Surface Pro 3 comes with a advanced Stylus which is no longer made by Waycom and it is said to be more accurate and more functional than its previous predecessors in both build quality and design , the pen has a eraser tip like button which when pressed opens up the note taking application which is quite convenient considering that Microsoft wan'ts this to be your Tablet and laptop at the same time. 

Overall the Surface pro 3 looks to be a promising laptop/tablet hybrid because it manages to fix the problems Microsoft had when they were trying to sell the previous devices . the entry level price of the Surface Pro 3 might be a lot for many average consumers , but the device is now a bit of a bargain considering that many entry level windows ultrabooks and the popular Macbook air and even ARM tablets like the Samsung Note 12.2 cost more than the Surface pro 3 even while having similar , if not the same specs ,Overall the Surface pro looks very promising , and if they sell it right , the Surface
pro 3 will surely set a solid foundation for future Surface tablets to come . Overall , the Surface will surely mark the begining of the end for ultrabooks , But will it replace a full size laptop? nope.

Prices -i3-4GB RAM-64GB – $799 ,i5-4GB RAM-128GB – $999 ,i5-8GB RAM-256GB – $1299 , i7-8GB RAM-256GB – $1549 , i7-8GB RAM-512GB – $1949 , i7-8GB RAM-512GB – $1949

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