Friday, May 9, 2014

Sony Xperia Z2

Xperia Z2 was probably the first time Sony got things really right ,
the smartphone company started its change after the anouncement of the
Xperia Z bringing a new omnibalence design pattern and a almost identical
twin (Xperia ZL)that was slightly cheaper to buy mainly because of the lack of IP
certification and posh-er materials like glass.After a year later, Sony has brought
their new replacement for the Xperia ZL and it is called the "Xperia ZL2" . The ZL2
is only available for Japan , but we have a feeling that Sony will release it globally once
they hit peak manufacturing .The ZL2 has a Snapdragon 801(8974AB) and 3GB RAM and has 16GB
of internal storage with expansion . The display featured on the ZL2 is the same gorgeous IPS
pannel of the z2 , and it has 441PPI thanks to its 1080p resolution .The camera on the ZL2
features the 4K capable 20.7MP Sony sensor with BIONZ imaging processor and sony's G-Lens optics
The phone features Android 4.4 and it has the usual connectivity options like LTE ,NFC,Bluetooth 4.0 etc

The phone comes in 2 solid colors - black and White , and a Pastel blue "Turquoise" The phone is made out
of plastic , but the battery is still non user replacable so you will have to do with the 3000mAh one onboard . unlike the z2 , the Xperia ZL2 is not waterproof ,and hopefully this will drop the price of the unit once  it is available elsewhere .

Source - GSMArena

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