Friday, May 16, 2014

Xiaomi's MiPad packs good internals in a iPad mini like design

Made with a unapolegitically plastic design , The MiPad is Xiaomi's latest -near clone of Apple's iPhone 5C and iPad Mini .
Xiaomi - a Chinese smartphone manufacturer has a good track record of copyright infringement and getting away with it . The MiPad is no exception and the design and color cues give us a rough idea of how the device manages to infringe on set design laws. The MiPad has a 7.9" IPS display with a resolution  of 2048x1536 , and incase if you were wondering , this tablet has a 4:3 aspect ratio . Unlike the design, the internals in the tablet are quite good , The MiPad is powered by a 2.2Ghz "Pentacore- 4+1 core" Nvidia Tegra K1 processor . The processor is coupled with Kepler GPU and it has a good 2GB of RAM , 16 or 64GB of internal storage with a SD card slot that supports upto 128GB and connectivity options that include WIFI ,Bluetooth 4.0 which run on top of Xiaom's Android Skin which hints iOS 7 . The tablet features a Sony made 8 MP rear BSI sensor and a wide angle Front facing 5Mp one for selfies . The Tablet has a 6700 mAh battery made byLG . The prices for the tablet are quite good , The basic version costs $240  and the 64GB version costs $270 , Although the tablet screams Apple at every corner , the internal specs are quit good for what you pay , and hopefully the the M+iPad willl come to other countries asXiaomi plans to sell their devices outside China for the first time .

Source - SlashGear

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