Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Apple iOS 8

A few hours ago , Apple announced OSX version 10.10 code named "Yosemite" , Gone are the days when Apple named Their new OS versions after Big cats , From now on , OSx versions will carry names of famous landmarks instead . apart from OSX , Apple also introduced the next version of IOS dubbed iOS 8 "Okemo"

iOS went through a radical change after iOS 7 , but the platform was still not appealing as before , so Apple has made things different with iOS 8 and , for the first time included some features that would make it appealing to the mass market .

First off , the Notification centre has gone through a major upgrade , swiping down from any app or even the lockscreen allows you to instantly reply to texts , facebook messages and tweets without pressing the home button to shift apps . The today view now features widgets , although they are not similar to Android's offerings , they still display relevant information such as sport scores , prices , stocks in a way that is quite appealing .

Apple also bumped up the multitasking on iOS 8 , The traditional double tap will bring you to a iOS 7 like multitask ui , but now ,it uses up some of the overhead screen real-estate to display your favorite contacts to which you can call , text , FaceTime or email , calls , texts , emails on your iphone can now be synced so you can answer them through your ipad . Texting has also been improved , and now iOS 8 features support for group texting with support for voice and video sharing , and location tracking . The group texting feature has a central media library , which you can access to see all the content you and your friends sent during the chat .

Texting is not complete with a good keyboard , and iOS 8 has finally made things open to other developers when it comes to 3rd party keyboard support . Popular 3rd party keyboard devs can now sell their "swipe" and swift key keyboards at the the Appstore , from which users can set their own personal keyboard if they hate the stock Apple one . The stock "quick type" keyboard has also gone through many changes and now it features predictive texting based on the type of content you are typing ,and it will offer suggestions based on the type of message allowing you to touch and select if the word matches your thought .

Siri has also been upgraded , He/She now understands 22 languages other than the lot it knows now . Siri can recognize music thanks to its built in Shazam music recognition service , and Siri can now be activated by saying the catchphrase "Hey Siri" other than pressing the home button . The home button with Touch ID has also been given "freedom" , Apple has allowed third party app devs to use the SDK to develop using the TouchID controls , the fingerprint is however , still inaccessible for third parties as it is offloaded to the A7 processors local storage .

Many expected to see the Apple iWatch at WWDC , although it is a rumor , Apple did demo some features which might hint at how the iWatch will work when it comes to health . The health app combines multiple health data from different apps , accessories like smartwatches , armbands , and other devices like Nike+ So that a combined medical health status can be generated . medical data which can be accessed and sent to doctors and other preferred medical institutions might also be beneficial if the user is prescribed to treatments .

Other features unveiled include iCloud photo library ,ICloud drive , which are both features that allow data to be synced with all connected data via cloud , Battery usage by Apps, DuckDuck Go web search support for Safari , Braille keyboard , wifi calling ,private browsing , automatic night mode in iBooks , and Family sharing where you , along with your family members can have access to downloading paid apps (Parents can approve or disapprove the purchase of apps by their children when they use a connected device) , share location , photos and other data including calendars and schedules .

Overall iOS 8 fixes many things that made it a less attractive system previously . Although Apple is not focused at Beating Android , the new additions does signal that Apple is concerned by newer operating systems such as Windows Phone and it is prepared to defend against it at all costs (even if it means opening up the walled garden a little) .Apple iOS 8 will be available on devices such as the iPhone 4S,5,5C ,5S , iPod touch 5 , iPad 2,3,4 , iPad Air , iPad Mini and Mini 2 ...Sadly the update marks the end for the old iPhone 4 ,signaling that it is high time they upgrade to a newer device .

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