Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Apple OSX Yosemite features a iOS inspired look , coming this fall.

A few hours ago , Apple announced OSX version 10.10 code named "Yosemite" , Gone are the days when Apple named Their new OS versions after Big cats , From now on , OSx versions will carry names of famous landmarks instead .

Yosemite features a complete redesign of the OSX interface , the new features makes the mac based OS to look similar to its iOS mobile counterpart with similar "glass" features , icons and a new layout . The new messaging app is a perfect example where Apple has shifted for a more iOS like design .The mail app has also been revamped and Yosemite features a enhanced spotlight search to search local content as well as stuff online . the notification centre features a glass look with support for widgets , extended view and a dark mode to adjust the transparency .

Email attachments have been given a boost and Apple has now included the support for extra large 
attachments upto 5GB where data is stored on iCloud .the email receiver can click the download link and download it via iCloud without worrying about issues that usually arise with large attachments .There is also support for editing attachments with custom signatures and text .

Safari has been given a upgrade as well , the browser features a minimalist if design
Including spotlight search from famous websites like Wikipedia ,bing and other news and commercial websites . the Browser features organizable tabs in the home view . Safari also included support for the latest version of JavaScript , HTML5 Premium video WebGL ,IndexEDDB ,SPDY,JavaScript promises ,CSS shapes and compositing and many others which give a estimated 2x performance boost over competitors like Chrome .Safari also promises longer HD video playback (10hours video playback @1080)

iCloud drive has support for drag and drop , save for offline and reorganize files to view either on a
Mac or ios device .There is also support for Airdrop - Apple's wireless data transfer .

Source - Apple , 9to5mac

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