Monday, June 2, 2014

Asus Padfone X renamed as Padfone S for international markets

Asus has finally decided to launch the Padfone X globally , The device , now under the name Padfone S will have the same internals as the Padfone X .

The Padfone S features a Smartphone and a tablet dock , The smartphone features a Snapdragon 800 processor clocked to 2.3Ghz and it has 2GB ram . the phone has 16GB of storage and it has a MicroSD card slot .The display of the phone is said to be of 1080p resolution and it has a screen size of 5" .The camera on the phone is a 13MP one and it is accompanied by a 2MP camera for the front .The phone has a 2330mAh battery onboard .

The docking tablet is basically bare , the Padfone system uses the smartphone to power the tablet part , which has its own internal battery so it acts as a portable charger as well . The tablet has a 8.9" ips display at 1080p resolution and it has its own 2mp front camera , 4990mAh battery and a exposed slot for easy docking of the smartphone .

The Padfone S is expected to be available internationally in Q3 of this year , The AT&T exclusive Padfone X is expected to be available in the 6th of June


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