Thursday, June 26, 2014

Google I/O 2014 - Android Wear platform adds Samsung to its OEM List along side Motorola and LG , new features detailed

Android wear was originally demo'ed a few months back , but now the Android based smartwatch platform is finally official . With the Announcement of Android L and its card like UI with its
Material design , Android based smartwatches are finally at a level where they can go mass market starting today . The Android wear initiative is lead by LG ,Samsung and Motorola , who have teamed up in creating three different hardware models with Motorola taking things a bit too hard with its round design . The other two devices use the standard cube design but Truth be told  , all three serve the same purpose . The wear connects mostly by Wifi direct  , it can also act via Bluetooth but search and map functions require Wifi . The Wear devices feature a very minimalistic interface , swipe down to mute the device and swipe up to un mute and allow data transfer . The wear devices can show data such as maps and location information which can be entered via Voice search . By swiping to the left , the user can access the location to the right , and another swipe will take the user to the navigate button , which does as it says on the label .The whole interface is built in such a way , the first two swipes usually show data and the second or third allows instant action buttons such as "Navigate" ,"search" "set alarm" or even pay for pizza via your Android wear . Many apps that require payment are always required to be connected to its main smartphone or tablet , and when you download such a app , the smart watch portion of the app gets downloaded simultaneously to your Wear  device , so
whenever you access your smartwatch for details , it establishes a connection with the phone and pulls relevant information to it . Google demo'ed a pizza delivery app , a recipe app that reflows text from the lists into the smartwatch and ticket /weather information for travellers who are scheduled to take a flight to another city/country .

Android Wear devices include the LG G Watch , which is a 1.65" snapdragon 400 powered device which will be available for pre order starting today at $255 .

Samsung has also launched their own 1.63" AMOLED smartwatch called the Samsung Gear Live , which has 512MB of RAM , And 4GB of storage on board , this too is available for preorder today , shipping is expected to start on the 7th of July starting at $200

Motorola meanwhile has taken a back seat with their Smartwatch , and they expect to launch the much anticipated Motorola Moto 360 in fall of this year

Google also said that the Android wear platform will support their new Home entertainment platform called Android TV ,where Android devices can connect to smart TV's via Chromecast or HDMI link . The platform will be developed alongside Android TV partners such as Sony .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

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