Thursday, June 26, 2014

Google I/O 2014 - Next version of Android gets demo'ed , Comes with name Android L

Google demoed a developer preview of the upcoming Android "L" project aka Lollipop at Google IO
 2014 . The update is the biggest change since the holo theme used since Android 4.0 ICS back in
2011 and it features major changes in the way the platform performs and scales to multiple devices which include Smartphones , Tablets ,Smartwatches ,In Car entertainment systems and Home Entertainment systems . First off , we have Android's new design language called "Material design" - this is Android's replacement to the Holo theme used from Android 4.0 to 4.1 .

The new UI uses a card type Interface with flat surfaces with variable 3D shadow effects which are rendered real time . the theme is easily scalable for smartphones and tablets so developers can easily use the set designs to make quality apps for the platform . Android L says Bye bye to Dalvik officially , and is now replaced by ART which supports faster transitions at around 60fps . Android project L also supports the new ARM 64bit chip designs and a new power saver mode called Project Volta which analyzes battery consumption and runs battery demanding tasks such as updating software when connected to a charger . 

The lockscreen has been revamped with Notifications now made to appear in the lockscreen menu with support for 2 finger gesture support to expand and swipe away messages . Google also announced a new way of unlocking your Android device provided you have a Android smartwatch . 
The pin or grid will be disabled if you are wearing your Android smartwatch and you will be able to
use the device without using the pin . Take the watch away for a few feet , and your Android will display the usual Password option prompt requiring you to enter it manually.A swipe up from the lockscreen  takes you to the homescreen ,which now has unified search for location , stuff on the web and apps .

Along press on the menu key , you are instantly taken to the new Android L Multitasking menu , which is now designed in a carousel format with chrome browser tabs and apps appearing on a rotating wheel . Android L project will go official in a future date along with its official number and its codename "which we expect to be Lollipop"

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Written by Rakitha for MasHD

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