Thursday, June 26, 2014

Google I/O 2014 - The protests ......

While Google unveiled their developer preview of the next version of Android and new SDK's for smartwatches ,car displays and tv systems yesterday , the conference was interrupted by two people from the audience and a sizable crowd who started protesting outside Google's HQ for net neutrality . The activist group "Occupy Google" erected tents outside Google's HQ demanding freedom for the internet in the form of Net neutrality , some of the protesters were arrested by the police after they expressed interest to camp on the HQ premises that night .

The two other incidents occurred when two people from the audience shouted anti Google slogans during the live event . A San Francisco  elementary teacher who has been pressured by the rising cost of housing in the city shouted  "Stop Jack Halprin " repeatedly , the verbal attack was on one of Google's lawyers , who apparently is the landlord of the apartment building where the elementary teacher resides  , the incident however did not disrupt the live event and she was evicted by security 30 minutes later .

The next protestor from the audience stood up and shouted "you work for a totalitarian company that builds robots that kill people" a reference to Google's acquisition of Boston Dynamics , a defense contractor responsible for making robots . The protester however managed to continue his speech for nearly a minute , with many other attendees shouting "Go Home" at the man who was trying to interrupt the event . He was later escorted out of the premises by security .Although the two events were rarely mentioned by the media , the protestors did manage to get their word out even after paying a whopping $900 per head to attend the event .

Source - TheVerge

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