Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"Black Death" sends Chinese town into Quarantine situation , 30,000 kept in with enough "rice ,flour and oil for a month"

If you took your history classes well , the Term "Black Death" is nothing new to you , the plague , which was responsible for killing off 75-200 million people in the 14th century .The infection, also known as the "Bubonic plague" can be attributed to poor hygiene and storage conditions which allow pests such as rodents , and other wild animals to deliver fleas carrying the harmful pathogen Y. Pestis , if the host is bitten by a infected flea , symptoms occur usually in about 2 days and death will occur if the person doesn't receive medical treatment in 24 hours , due to the advances of modern medicine , the threat from a global pandemic is a bit far off , but sadly that medication came too late for a Chinese villager from the town Yumen in Northwest China , the town is now under lockdown and after 151 people were put in quarantine after contacting the said person. The 38 year old Villager contracted the pathogen Y. Pestis after he came into contact with a Mamot (a type of Rodent) and died last week .Access to parts of the town have been sealed off along with 30,000 citizens . Yumen City officials say they have enough "Rice flour and oil to last for a month" ,1 Million Yuan has been kept aside for emergency vaccinations and so far no other patent has died due to the "black death" . Although the "black death" has been reported in many countries ,pior to the incident China had 4 plague victims from rural areas since 2009 , but the latest case , which happened in close proximity to a large town has managed to make the headlines as the plague can transmit by air if the "Burbons" from a infection person bursts , inhaling the pus - remains of the burbon can lead to Pneumonic Plague - which is the "Black Plague" in a airborne form . The Y. Pestis , instead of a bite , will enter the lymphatic system if breathed in .If left untreated , death usually occurs in less than 36 hours . As mentioned before , Modern medicine is quite effective against Y.Pestis and as the City is in lockdown , the spread of the pathogen will be quite limited , so don't worry too much about those World War Z references .

Written By Rakitha for MasHD

Source/via - TheVerge

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