Thursday, July 17, 2014

If you are planning to update your Lumia to Nokia Cyan after the 8.1 preview , be warned !

Nokia released their Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview a few months ago and many users downloaded it merrily , and now it turns out that it is directly responsible for bricking many devices when users tried to download the Nokia Cyan update .  The Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview allowed some users to experience the next version of Windows phone while running half baked software , and users who installed it on their device and users who used BitLocker encryption are now unable to download the Cyan update which was released yesterday . Microsoft has suspended all updates for these devices until a solution is found . If your phone is Bricked , Microsoft explains that , by using the "Nokia Software Recovery tool"  the "Dead" handset can be unbricked and re-flashed to the earlier version - Windows Phone 8 which will allow you to get in line to receive the Cyan update just like a regular Lumia handset .

Microsoft's official statement

"We are currently investigating the issue. We have paused delivery of the update to customers using the Preview for Developers, and will resume once a fix is in place. Customers whose phones have been affected should use the Nokia Software Recovery Tool to return your Lumia to a normal commercial software state before downloading the Lumia Cyan update."

The problem only effects users who downloaded the 8.1 developer preview , normal users will receive the update without any problem what-so-ever

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

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