Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mashd Autonews - Dubai's 5000 bhp supercar might be real after all

Dubai has been making quite a name for itself in the world of supercars over the past few years , the City , which is home turf of the elite supercar unit of the Dubai police and also home to  rich playboys who spend most of their time driving Dubai registered cars in London have always faced the problem of having no local representation in their almost 100% import car culture ,but now a Dubai based company has taken up the challenge to add some local horsepower to join and beat every other super-car with overwhelming force - Presenting the Devel Sixteen ....

At first glance , you will not fail to see some Zonda inspired design cues around the car , the car also has a bit of Venero mixed into the design as well , but unlike most shed-built cars, the Devel has a unique feature that will scare you to the bone , or more like reduce you to the bone as this car produces a overkill 5000 Bhp and a top speed of 348MPH with a 0-60 time of 1.8 seconds . At that colossal power , a average human body will probably experience more G-Forces more than a fighter pilot and that is if the car doesn't disintegrate first . For now , those facts remain on paper , but the car is not some unicorn supercar either , MotorAuthority managed to get the clip(you see below) showing the car in action , but so far , the existence of the 5000 bhp or the 0-60 time is still to be proven . 

Written By Rakitha for MasHD

Source/via - MotorAuthority

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