Thursday, July 17, 2014

MasHD Autonews - Hyundai's 2016 Genesis coupe is quite a looker

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Currently , Korean cars are in high demand as consumers look forward for good looking and economic methods of transportation , although Korean cars had certain reliability and design issues in the past , the two Korean auto giants - Kia and Hyundai successfully established quality control and are now flying past its Asian auto rivals as they slowly eat up the marketshare . Currently both brands appeal mostly to average consumers , but recently , they have been working on introducing high end cars such as the Kia Kxx series and the Hyundai Genesis lineup .

The concept photo on top looks like something you'd see at the Geneva motor show , but unlike 
some companies that keep their good designs as a showpiece , Hyundai is actually working on introducing it for real and is ready to badge it as the successor to the original Genesis coupe .The design of the car incorporates some design elements from Hyundai's HND9 concept car that was out for display at last year's Seoul auto show . The car will have the 5 liter 420Bhp  V8 from the Genesis sedan and two smaller capacity engines in the form of a 3.8L  320Bhp V6 and a 274Bhp 2L four cylinder . The car is said to come with a 8 speed automatic gearbox and hopefully , Hyundai might include those good looking Scissor/Gullwing doors too .

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