Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Nokia Lumia 530 - cost cutting gone too far?

Nokia has been going through quite a change after it was acquired by Microsoft . The handset manufacturer recently axed its Android and Asha divisions along with 12500 jobs in its new strategy of cost cutting , this strategy has however  managed to effect the way the company designs and introduces new handsets as the newer models tend to be slightly underpowered compared to their predecessors . Take the new Nokia Lumia 530 for example , the phone , which is the technical replacement to the Nokia 520/525 by theory should be equipped with better specs (like what Nokia did with the X2 before it was axed) ,but instead , some of the phones much needed features such as hd video , a IPS display and ram has been halved in favor of the new Windows Phone 8.1 software version and a slightly faster Snapdragon processor . At first glance , the phone gives you the feeling of "Oh no , what has Microsoft Done to Nokia" but when you compare the specs to the predecessor(s) the slight bump in specs and the spartan design might signal that Microsoft is planning to sell this at a really low price . Speaking of design , the 530 features a more rounded design in favor of the unique flat design in the earlier models , the "bezels" have been trimmed down as well , and the design does reflect the Asha models of the past ,and considering that the Asha division is no more ,the designs might have passed down to the Lumia division as they are set to launch "affordable Windows phone " devices in the future .The phone features a removable back and this houses either a Single GSM sim or a Dual Sim depending on the model you bought , the back also features a MicroSD slot , which supports cards upto 128GB and the removable 1430 mAh battery , which is rated for 13 hours of talktime .

The rest of the phone includes a 4" TFT LCD , which is a downgrade from the 4" IPS panel of the 520/525 , the resolution of the 530 is slightly bumped upto 480x854 giving 245ppi , the display also lacks the Clearblack enhancement although it was rumored to have it in earlier leaks . The hardware specs on the other hand the processor is slightly bumped up (Snapdragon 200 dual core 1.2Ghz vs 1 Ghz Snapdragon s4 play in earlier versions) but the GPU is downgraded to Adreno 302 (Lumia 525 features Adreno 305)  . The phone features half the ram as the Lumia 525 , and it comes at 512MB . The internal storage of the phone has also been decreased to 4GB from the 8GB found on the 525 and the cost cutting doesn't stop there.

Camera wise , the  530 features the same 5MP sensor as the previous generations and it features a 1/4 sensor size as the previous models , rear flash is still absent and the 720p video recording feature has been replaced with 480p VGA video recording . The 530 however excels at giving Windows Phone 8.1 out of the box and it feels more upto -date compared to the better spec'ed predecessor , overall the main selling point of this phone will be its price , and if Nokia plays well , they will probably sell as much as its predecessor ,but we doubt that as buyers tend to look at specs and compare rather than buy one outright as WindowsPhone supports their 8.1 update to older models such as the 520/525 so buying between the two will be a tough decision .

Pricing and availability -

Prices start at $114 (67GBP ,85 EUR)for the Unlocked Single sim version and the Dual sim version will cost $135 (79GBP ,100EUR) unlocked . The phone will be available globally starting this August . The phone is also said to be available on T-Mobile in the U.S

Written By Rakitha for MasHD

Source/via - GSMArena

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