Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Nvidia Tegra shield tablet starts at $299 , accessories sold separately

The Nvidia Shield tablet is finally official , the tablet , which was leaked a few days prior to the official launch was almost 100% accurate in giving out the exact specs so the launch is a bit "meh" ,however it it , the Nvidia Shield tablet is nothing short in being awesome , the sound of having a Kepler GPU and a low price will surely make this another thing to have , if you are after a tablet which has the properties of the Shield console .

The tablet at first looks a bit like a stretched out HTC One , this look mainly comes from the front facing speakers which are surely a plus if you want some quality audio that is not muffled when you place it on a table . The tablet features a DirectStylus 2  "pen" for graphic applications such as Nvidia Dabbler - a pre installed software for drawing using watercolor effects and the usual Android apps like Photoshop touch and et al .Even with the tuck in stylus silo on the rear , the tablet measures at a good 9.2mm thick which is not bad considering the equipment inside , The tablets weight is said to be 390g . The screen size of the Shield is said to be 8" and it has a resolution of 1920x1200 , the display , made using IPS technology  ,the tablet features a additional touch layer for stylus support.

With a 192 core Kepler GPU and 4 A15 cores , the Nvidia Tegra K1 featured on this tablet is surely a beast on its own right , although the 64 bit Denver would have been a welcome sight , the A15 still blows the competition from Qualcomm out of the water . The chip ,developed in house features support for Unreal Engine 4 , OpenGLES4.4,DirectX 12,and if paired with GeForce GTX graphics card , the Shield tablet will stream pc games over WIFI allowing you to have the comforts of handling your gaming tasks while being "away from keyboard" .Nvidia has also brought in NVIDIA Shadowplay , which allows you to record your gameplay and share the video to the internet and Nvidia GRID cloud gaming support of you live in selected areas of the U.S .All tablets will come with pre-installed goodies from Nvidia including the game Trine 2 :The Complete story.

Apart from the Kepler GPU and its abilities , the tablet features 2GB Of RAM . 16/32GB of onboard storage , Wifi and LTE versions determine the amount of storage found on the tablet locally , and the 16GB version comes with the Wifi only model and 32GB's come with the LTE model , which is said to be off contract (Unlocked) and it will support international and U.S LTE networks for data only purposes.The tablet also features a MicroSD card slot , which propels the storage capacity upto 128GB , you can also connect USB devices with a adapter because USB OTG is supported   . Bluetooth and GPS has been included in the tablet as well . Two 5 mp HDR cameras are found on the tablet with one in front and the other in the rear , The tablet's built in battery is stated to be 19.2 W/hours

Las but not least , Nvidia has made a special flip style cover for the tablet named "Shield cover" ,this is sold at $39 .Nvidia is also promoting a seperate Shield game controller to go with the tablet , Unlike the Nvidia Shield console , which has a gamepad and a seperate screen , this has the same gamepad control layout  , but the screen "clamshell" has been removed mainly because this will work as a controller ,rather than a stand alone gaming rig . The shield controller is also "drift compatible" with the Shield tablet , allowing it to be paired over Wifi Direct with low latency , the Shield is sold as a separate accessory and retails at $59 .The tablets cost $299 for the Wifi Only model and $399 for the LTE model .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source/via - Nvidia/GSMArena

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