Friday, July 18, 2014

Nvidia's next Tegra tablet will feature a Tegra K1 processor , 4G LTE and a high end display

Nvidia launched their Tegra Note reference tablet last year , the tablet featured a stylus , front facing speakers , front and rear cameras and of course , Nvidia's flagship Tegra 4 processor , the tablet was sold at a bargain price of $199 and it was adopted as a reference design by HP,Evga ,Micromax and many other smaller OEM's who wanted a off the shelf product , to which they can add their name to . The tablet however didn't sell that many units , but Nvidia hopes that the introduction of their processors in Tablets will make the chipset popular among tablet manufacturers as they are the only capable mobile CPU maker that can take on the expansion of Qualcomm . Nvidia promotes their chipsets as being  "gaming oriented" and this can be attributed to the fact that Nvidia uses its own CUDA and Kepler mobile GPU's in their mobile devices .

With the Tegra 4 ending its life cycle , the flagship baton is passed down to the Nvidia K1 , which at the moment is one of the highest benchmarking processors available . The Nvidia K1 , which comes with the 192 Kepler cores and it comes in two forms with a Quadcore A15 design ,which is already responsible for making the Xiaomi Mi-Pad tablet a huge success and a Dual Core 64bit processor that uses the ARM V8 design and Nvidia's Denver architecture 
which has a 7-way superscalar with 128 KiB + 64 KiB of L1 per core , the chipset is rumored to be on the upcoming HTC Volantis aka Nexus 8 ,and the upcoming Nvidia Shield 2 ,there is also a rumor that the chipset might be found on the device you see on top , which according to our source , is Nvidia's next Tegra Note reference tablet . The tablet , like its predecessor is said to have front facing speakers , but the screen has been buffed up from a 7" 720p pannel to a 7.9" display with a uber-cool 2048x1536 , The display resolution is the same as the Xiaomi Mi-Pad , which also uses a Tegra K1 chipset and this means the pixel count will be 324 ppi , The tablet will feature 4G LTE data as well , and hopefully Nvidia will keep the price low , but considering that the Mi-Pad retails for about $249 , this will likely cost about $299 , which is acceptable considering the bigger/better display and 4G LTE .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - GSMArena

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