Wednesday, July 23, 2014

OnePlus to give 5000 invites to buy the OPO ,few hours remaining

The One Plus One is one example of a phone made out of possibly a one-of a kind substance (unobtanuim) making the device extremely hard to obtain. (end of pun) . The phone ,and its company has been struggling to keep up with the demand of the OnePlus One and so they started the much hated invite system . The invite system required users to wait for the company to mail them a invite (i got mine last week btw) and then purchase while getting 3 more to send to friends , the system will send the sales exponentially , but so far the invite system has done more harm than good to the Oppo backed start-up manufacturer .And speaking of invites , we have a new competition from OnePlus that is set on giving 5000 lucky winners a invite to buy the Sandstone black " Oneplus One (64GB) for $349 . 10 out of the 5000 selected will receive one bamboo backplate for free - the plate usually costs $49 .

 The Blizzard of Invites will expire in 24 hours so better hurry up , so far the number 5000 may have been exceeded about 20 times over so good luck and if you are joining in .

Rules of engagement -

Go to the contest page: Oneplus
Log in with your email or Facebook account.
Perform at least one of the listed actions before the deadline.
winners will be contacted in 72 hours (according to OnePlus)

..Let the Games Begin, and may the odds be in your favor

Written By Rakitha for MasHD

Source/via - OnePlus

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