Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A OnePlus One's battery settles for a explosion

Buying a Oneplus one can be like winning a lottery , and considering that the company has only issued
a small number of invites and handsets to lucky people who could secure a invite by either participating in one of  Oneplus' competitions or waiting for a invite via email or a  friend are probably feeling like they worth a million bucks right now , but sadly for this chap , his Oneplus decided to go on a separate path and gave its owner a 1st degree burn and shattered dreams . The incident which left the  owner's 64GB OnePlus One blown off from the left side , was the result of the phone's sealed battery malfunctioning .The Phone , which according to its owner was in his back pocket at the time of the incident , the phone suddenly started to steam up , resulting in a burnt pair of jeans and a burn wound . The owner's brother , who was witness to the incident captured the photos  on his phone as the OnePlus started to smoke .OnePlus ,a company that was said to have sketchy after sales support  ,responded quickly and said that they will be sending a representative to attend the matter and send the defective unit  over for testing . Although exploding phones from Samsung and Apple are nothing new , a serious defect from a company that is just starting out with a small number of handsets  is probably  going to make some people think twice about trusting a company they have never heard of .

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