Wednesday, August 20, 2014

ASUS to launch their smartwatch on the 3rd of September at IFA

IFA is going to be really busy this year , on one side , we have Samsung anticipating a perfect Galaxy Note 4 launch , along with Sony , who will launch their Xperia Z3 handset at the event along with many other manufacturers , Asus , who has been a pioneer in making Android devices is said to be working on a Smartwatch which will officially be unveiled on the 3rd of September .Although specs are not available , the shadow like picture might mean that Asus is planning something curved unlike the current Samsung and LG devices sold right now . we will post further details as they are available , So be sure to check our blog upto the Month of September as we bring you the very latest tech releases from IFA 2014 , Click the IFA 2014 tag for related articles.

Written By Rakitha for Mashd

Source - GSMArena

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