Thursday, August 21, 2014

Facebook messenger hits 500 million "forced" app installs on Android , continues to get one star ratings on iOS

Facebook has received a lot of criticism after they announced that users will be forced to use a messenger app if they wanted to chat on their iOS or Android device , the second app , Facebook messenger works as a separate chat application while the original app is used for notifications and news feeds without Chat . The Facebook messenger app has recieved poor ratings from users who awarded it One star and this can be justified as the older application offered core features without requiring the user to download a seperate app that hogs more storage and memory . According to facebook ,the app has currenty hit 500 million app installs on Android and that's mainly because users on facebook were forced to download it . Apple has not released their app download numbers yet , but considering that Facebook messenger received a one star rating at the Appstore , Facebook might not be interesting in getting their numbers anytime soon.

Source - GSMArena

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