Thursday, August 14, 2014

Man uses Siri to ask for directions on hiding his roommate's body

Siri can answer most of your day to day questions and demands , although most of who use Siri use it to ask random Wikipedia questions and the weather (i never use my iPad's siri for anything other than asking jokes and "tell me a story" as finding things outside Siri's approved countries will lead you to disappointment )  ,A college student in the U.S has apparently used Siri to ask for a suggestion on where to dump his roommate . If you have asked this as a joke before , you can expect Siri to respond to it humorously by either suggesting places like swamps , reservoir or abandoned mines or keeping numb about it , but in the case of Pedro Bravo , who is now accused of murdering his Roommate after a disagreement over his ex-Girlfriend , Siri has basically let him down by not offering the advice he needed in order to dispose the  evidence .

Based on the testimonial given by the offender , the Police was able to get location data of his iPhone in order to piece together what happened, apparently , the police found out that the phone voice assistant has been used while the suspect was attempting to conceal the body , although the news may be amusing as one can only imagine the user being stupid enough to actually fire up the voice assistant for such a matter , but then again the offender , who is said to be of age 20 was probably more shocked about the event and did what any other teen lemming would do in such a emergency , use their smartphone!.  

Source - TheVerge

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