Thursday, August 21, 2014

MasHD Autonews - Jaguar's XE SVR version will have 489 horses and a heavy price tag

Small size luxury(aka executive) cars are becoming quite popular these days , the segment , which is dominated by the Germans(mostly BMW) for a while, might get some new competition from its long time British Rival Jaguar .Armed with  its new lighweight XE platform , The Jaguar XE , which is dubbed as the BMW 3Series killer will surely challenge the German's executive car range head on , but to fully attack the segment, Jaguar needs more than a comfy sedan , it needs a hardcore performance version as well , so according to latest rumors , Jaguar is set about making a high performance version of the XE with a V8 and a good amount of horse power underneath . The alleged Jaguar XE SVR , which has a 489BHP  V8 from its F type brother is said to propel the sedan from 0-60 in 4Seconds ,the car will have LSD (not the drug , but a limited slip diff , alogng with a 8 speed automatic) and bonkers body designs that will differentiate this from the standard XE

The Jaguar XE 2016 model will be unveiled on the 8th of September in London , so hopefully , we will get some news about the high performance version as well

Written By Rakitha for Mashd

Source - digitaltrends

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