Thursday, August 7, 2014

Samsung's Galaxy Alpha to be unveiled on the 13th of August

iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy Alpha
Samsung has been criticized for using too much plastic on their phones , this , combined with the monotonous design language used in their devices have turned of millions of potential customers who bought rival products which are said to have "premium" materials in their build . Responding to the crisis , Samsung has boldly planned its own metal-plastic hybrid and are said to launch the phone this year ,the phone , rumored to be named "Galaxy Alpha" has been leaked last week and yesterday(06) , new photos from a Vietnamese website leaked the photos in better detail . The photos show the rumored device in all its glory . The phone , although it is not considered to be a flagship replacement to the S line offers a thin metal chassis with a somewhat odd 1800mAh battery .Samsung's Galaxy alpha will be launched on the 13th of this month (August) so be sure to mark your nerd-calendars .

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