Monday, August 25, 2014

Samsung's Ice Bucket challenge might have accidentally backfired ...

The ALS Ice Bucket challenge is probably the biggest internet sensation since the Harlem shake , the process , which involves the participant(s) pouring water with ice cubes while naming 3 other competitors while donating some amount for ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) in the process, at first the competition was reserved for the elite , but soon after everyone and their brother took up the challenge as a form of entertainment and all the while managed to generate $80 million for  ALS research.Samsung , which spends billions on advertising annually , decided to use the event to promote the Galaxy S5's waterproofness by doing its own icebucket challnge last Friday . The 15 second video , which consisted of a mounted Galaxy S5 and a S-Voice "voice over" and ice in a pail showed off the waterproof abilities of the Galaxy S5 which remained  soaking wet from the ice water drop and afterwards it(the voice) challenged the iPhone 5S , HTC One M8 and the Nokia Lumia 930 to do the same - take the ice bucket challenge .

If you look closely at the video above , you can see that the photo on the GS5 shifts when the ice water pours on it , initially the notification bar , which shows the battery level at 64% and the clock to be at 2:16 pm suddenly shifts into a black notification bar with the battery level set to 51% and time for 2:50 pm.This is mostly due to Samsung attempting to take more than one filming to cover up mistakes or bad angles using a screenshot , which when the water is poured , goes away into its current lockscreen , although it's not a boo-boo as such , the challenge given to the other 3 handsets has started to work against Samsung's original plan as the said devices are able to take a pour from the said challenge .

The reason for all three devices to pass the test is due to their respective build qualities , the HTC One M8 , which although is not categorized as a waterproof device has a IPX3 certification for splash resistance against small sprays and immersion of 3ft of water for 30 minutes , the device clearly passes with flying colors , the Nokia Lumia 930 , although it does not have a IP standard , held well against the water with no signs of system failure in the video ,the iPhone 5S , although it wasn't tested in a Icebucket challenge , the Phone can last for about a minute under water (according to random tests on Youtube )although none of the phones can last as long as the S5 under water,the devices will last enough to complete Samsung's challenge so this caused the trollwave to float in the opposite direction , and last but not least ,Samsung has been blamed for using  the ALS ice bucket challenge , which was originally set to spread awareness to a society(young people) that has very little understanding about some medical conditions in a cheap gimmick to get back at the iPhone and its competitors , which according to many is unethical considering that ALS is a fatal neurological condition ,although Samsung did make a undisclosed donation to the ALS foundation , the company , which is best known for its consumer electronics might have accidentally brought some bad reputation to itself during its search for cheap glory .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

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