Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tablets with calling and texting features are becoming popular in Asia

Tablets with cellular connectivity is nothing new ,the concept ,which became global after the launch of the 1st gen iPad gave users the option to use a data sim for media consumption and internet , but later on ,some  tablets which ran Android started serving dual purposes by allowing voice calls and texts which meant that users can swap sims , or use the tablet as the main device altogether , although holding a large screen device to your face is kind of awkward , that hasn't stopped the sectors' growth during the past few years and according to a new report from IDC , tablets with telephoning functionality has started to sell rapidly .

According to the new Report , Android tablets that allow telecommunications are responsible for 25% of all tablet sales in the Asia Pacific region (excluding Japan) this quarter , the number of slates shipped is estimated to be 13.8 million and out of that a massive 3.5 million units are voice-capable tablets , according to the findings , the segment has a annual 60% growth rate in the region .The report also states that 50% of all Android tablets sold in India and Indonesia are tablets with telecommunication functions .

Overall the popularity of tablets with telecommunication abilities is nothing new  , the large display , which usually sits at 7" makes them somewhat portable and more useful than a smartphone , another factor might be that many people  might find it difficult to own both a tablet and a phone together or can't justify buying a wifi only tablet  , so they opt for these devices instead , Phablets - large and powerful smartphones are quite popular as well , but they usually cost 2 or 3 times more than a entry level tablet with voice calls so it might add to the decision as well .As for now OEM's like ASUS, Samsung and some lesser known brands are known for their voice capable tablets which usually cost the same as a entry level/mid range  smartphone have better specs and offer better functionality  thanks to the large displays in them , and with this new demand , more manufacturers will surely step into the action offering better hardware and more functionality in the future , so it will surely be a win -win for customers in the long run as they will surely give more for their hard earned money 

Written By Rakitha for Mashd

Source - Pocketnow

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