Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Apple lets go of iPod Classic

Whether you like it or not , back in golden days , Apple made some incredible stuff ,the iPod classic - a humble mediaplayer  was basically one of the hidden pillars of Apple's modern success . The iPod classic was basically a continuation of the original iPod which was launched in 2001 , the media player brought a ton of cash , reputation and a long lasting customer bond that still goes on to this day .But now , in this modern age of flash memory and apps , the hard disk based grandpa-pod looks a bit too un-cool , the heavy and volatile nature of the iPod classic is also a downside considering that many people do drop their stuff often . The iPod Classic was also one of the last devices sold by Apple to come with the old 30 pin charger , so many of us knew this was coming ,but whatever it is , the iPod Classic was ,and still , one of the greatest products Apple ever  had , the 160 GB storage capacity is still unmatched by its flash -storaged based siblings and the touchwheel reminds us a bit about the good old age when touchscreens didn't exist . The loss of the iPod Classic might be saddning , but we must move on in life .Currently Apple sells the iPod shuffle , the iPod nano and the iPod Touch excluding the great classic .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - Appleinsider

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