Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Apple Watch to bring the great push for smartwatches

The iPhone marque has been around to become a household name , the smartphone lineup has gone through a few display changes over the years , but today , Apple has basically gone gone through a complete metamorphosis which now allows Apple to tackle the large screen Android "problem" with their own large screen smartphones , introducing the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus , these two smartphones bring a end to the small display problem that was once the pun of many companies . The two phones ,which both share a common design format , are much thinner (see below) than the previous iPhone 5S and is much faster and sharper thanks to their improved displays and 1.3 million apps , the two phone were launched along side Apple's new NFC based payment system , Apple Pay and after their "One more thing" note , they released the most anticipated Apple smartwatch - aka Apple watch after a big round of applause . The watch, which comes in a curved rectangle (similar to that of a regular titan watch) features many bells and whistles which will make life easy if you own a iDevice . The watch comes in three variants - one is for sports people , the other for those who like the lap of luxury and the next one is for the fashionistas . The sports version is called Apple Watch sport , the standard version is just called "Apple Watch" and the luxury version is called "Apple Watch Edition" which also comes in 18 Karat gold , All 3 types come in many materials and 2 display sizes according to your liking . The watch features a digital crown that can be used to navigate instead of doing a million touches to get simple tasks done (cough cough ..android wear) ,The crown also serves as a button for Siri , and the watch , like many others in the category , features a pedometer and a built in heart rate monitor . The watch will feature Wifi and Bluetooth for connectivity and any notification from your iphone will be launched into the watch with subtle beeps and vibrations depending on how you set the alarms . The watch features a number of unique clock faces and a set of screen saver -esque patterns to suit your mood . The watch will charge magnetically , and is said to have a oleophobic /splash resistant coating . The Apple Watch will be available at the start of 2015 and it will retail at $349 .

Display - Two screen sizes 32mm and 42mm

OS - modified version of  iOS 8 Kernel , requires specific  iOS 8 iPhones (iPhone 5 , 5C ,5S  iPhone 6 and 6 plus only)

Design - Smartwatch , available in 3 different wrist sizes and different straps including silicone . leather and metal .  140.8 x 72.4 x 9.9 mm ,144g

Connectivity - Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g Bluetooth 4.0 ,NFC for Apple Pay payments 

Processor - In house chipset - Apple S1 processor 

GPU - In house 

Ram - unknown

Storage - unknown

Camera(s) - not available

Battery - not listed / non removable

Other - available in a sports . luxury and style variant , all 3 types come with 2 screen sizes 

Price -  $349 (available in Q1 -2015)

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - Anandtech

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