Wednesday, September 24, 2014

iPhone 6+ .....Will it Bend ?

As phones get bigger and bigger , carrying them around will be quite a task as they will stay like a big block protruding from your pants as if its about to rip right out of it .to combat this problem , companies like LG introduced bendable devices that retain their shape after compression from a pair of denims or sitting on it , new phones which have metal unibodies are probably the hardest devices to live with as they come with a metal unibody that's technically solid ,and flat  but yesterday , some users discovered a hidden feature that might be the iPhone 6+ main Achilles heel to date , yes , the phone is bendable , but that's in a bad way .

The iPhone 6+ , which is made using the same building process as the iPhone 6 ,it  is also the largest smartphone made by Apple to date , the phone's slate design is not comfortable when you place in your pocket as the metal structure  takes all the stress of compression from your leg and pants  this , combined with Aluminum's malleable properties and weak structural points at cut out places like buttons and ports makes the phone highly vulnerable to bending once the pressure goes beyond the phones design limits   And according to a new video , the 6+ can easily bend at its weak points ,and if you try to correct the problem at home , the metal may crack along with the display which is also stretched to its limits , best advice to be given here is that it is  better off you take it for a professional repair instread of doing a DIY repair that might waste your new phone .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - GSMArena

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