Friday, September 19, 2014

OnePlus One to drop its invite system and settles for a pre-order system

OnePlus One is a great phone with one major flaw - availability . The phone , which brought in truckloads of loyal fans and hype caused quite a storm in the tech world when it came to getting/sending out  invites .The invite system , which was hated by almost all was one ,was of the main reasons why the phone lost its appeal so soon ,frustrated buyers left the forums and most of the time bought phones from rival companies (even Oppo) , some gave up on OnePlus all-together, but now , with 2014 almost coming to a end , OnePlus has finally decided to open the taps and let people order phones in the regular fashion .

The new OnePlus Preorder system , unlike the unsuccessful invite method , uses a set timeframe which allows buyers to place their orders in a given time , the move , which allows customers to select their accessories and other material before - hand  , will receive  a small time -window to place their order on the OnePlus One , and if you are a early -bird , you will be shipped a Brand new Oneplus One but , if you are late for the party , OnePlus will add your order to its pre-order list , which means that your order will be ready when the next batch of phones are available in stock . OnePlus will keep buyers updated with information about its inventory and shipping details so if you are still annoyed by the wait , you can opt out of the order during the waiting time . The OnePlus One Preorder system is said to be available soon .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - OnePlus

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