Monday, September 15, 2014

This 4K recording app will cost a thousand bucks

Most apps usually cost cents or a few dollars to purchase , but the new WizzyWiz 4K app takes app pricing to a whole new level because it costs a mindblowing $999 . The app , as its name explains - is a 4K video recording app for the iPhone 5S . The app allows its (no idea on what to call them) users the ability to shoot 4K at 24 fps or take 24 burst photos at 4K resolution and stitch them for a high resolution photo that will come to about 72MB . The app however has certain restrictions as it requires the phone to be of the 32GB  or 64GB variant and run iOS7 instead of the upcoming iOS8 update due to issues with the camera interface . The app at first glance has a tonne of cool features , but for that kind of money , eager photo buffs can buy a semi-Pro DSLR  , or a 4K capable smartphone without buying something that is virtually intangible .

if you really want to buy - iTunes

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - SlashGear

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