Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Apple iPad Air 2 has a new 3 core A8 chip , score-setting benchmarks on Geekbench

Apple was quite silent about their A8X processor's specs when it was launched in the new Apple iPad Air 2 , at first we speculated that Apple used a dual core variant with Apples Motion processor package , but now as benchmark websites point out , the Apple A8X Soc is actually a 3 core unit which when coupled with the Air 2's 2GB RAM makes the tablet one of the new benchmark kings in town . The A8X and its PowerVR GX6450 GPU are currently top dogs at GeekBench with a score of 4477 at Multicore and 1812 at Single core performance  , which is a score that puts the new A8X away from the current Android top dog processors like the Tegra K1 which scored 3258 at Multicore and 1803 at Single core performance . Other benchmarks are still underway , but we can expect the performance gap to be neck and neck at some places like graphics where the Kepler GPU can truly prove its worth , but then again the PowerVR Rogue series of GPU's are no slouch either ,but till then , these preliminary benchmarks will surely be a thing of celebration for fans who support the new iPad and its processor.

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - GSMArena ,AppleInsider

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