Friday, October 24, 2014

Great Scott! this Kickstarter project can actually fly...

Always wanted to fly on a hoverboard? well Kickstarter has a project that just might work for you and your inner Marty McFly , presenting the Hendo Hoverboard ,this weird looking apparatus is probably the best example of science at work . The hoverboard features 4 "Engines" which are essentially 4 strong downward facing electromagnets that create a repulsion when it comes into contact with a non iron or steel metal surface ,this effect in return causes the board to lift ,but sadly the board will only levitate if its on top of such a surface ,and therefore the board will not work outside which is a bummer considering that your plans of becoming the next silver surfer are ruined . But fear not , this technology is still at its infancy , but till the technology matures , users can expect to move in directions thanks to a system that will increase and decrease intensity in order for you to move faster , the lack of friction between the two surfaces means that you can basically travel till infinity and beyond  a large distance after getting a single push . The Kickstarter project is still accepting generous monetary backings from  hoverboard fans right now ,A developer edition "Whitebox" ,which is said to ship next October (2015)  will be priced $299 and for that you get a Hendo Hoverboard Engine kit- which is basically the components needed to make a DIY hoverboard of your liking , the box will also include a some promotional stickers and t-shirts . The company also hopes to make a few bucks off ticket sales for its first VIP conference and even flying lessons which are priced $1000 and above , and for all you folk who want to own one for real , the price for the board is a bit steep -$10000 to be precise .

Link - Kickstarter/HendoHoverboards

Writen by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - PCMag

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