Friday, October 10, 2014

HTC silently anounces its quietly brilliant M8 Eye with 13 mp cameras

HTC , a company that is praised for its rich designs and quality build received a lot of negative press after they decided to put their ultrapixel cameras on their 2014 flagship.The ultra pixel sensor is basically a enhanced 4 megapixel sensor that has a large aperture to collect more light to create a richer image and good low light photos , but the system , which is almost a year now is no longer feasible to put on any device so HTC ultimately unveiled a 13mp sensor to replace it in future smartphones like the E8 and the Desire Eye .   The Original flagship of the year - The HTC M8 has a dual ultrapixel sensor unit to capture depth perception , but with more and more of HTC's own devices shifting to the 13mp unit , the company decided to launch a updated version (In China) of the HTC M8 called the HTC M8 Eye , which is basically a reference to the Desire Eye launched yesterday . The phone is not made official as of now , but it has been put on a Chinese website as a Pre order item .The phone will feature the M8's aluminium design , but the rear cameras have been swapped to the 13mp standard . The M8 eye , which is China only at the moment , might go global when the time is right and when people who bought the original M8 won't feel burned.

Written by Rakitha for MasHD


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